Spokane Plumber Team
In 2008, Whit Bendewald and Garry Baumgartner took a leap of faith and began Professional Piping. Miraculously, through the complex times of an uncertain economy, it persevered and today is one of the leading plumbing service contractors in the Spokane area. Providing great plumbing service while having fun and enjoying people, makes going to work each day a pleasure.

Garry and Whit credit Professional Piping's success to strong faith and the incredible employees that have joined the team throughout the years.

Regardless of project size or complexity, you can be assured that Professional Piping Inc. will continue the tradition of timely professional service that makes us one of the leading mechanical contractors in the Northwest.

Our Vision
To provide quality mechanical systems for industrial, residential and commercial sectors in the Northwest.
Our Mission
To be known as one of the best mechanical contractors in the Northwest.
Our Values
Our decisions and actions are guided by the following values:

We understand that our customers, team members, suppliers and lenders are the partners of our success and we are driven by the mutuality of our interests. We believe that in order for our business to be truly successful we need to equally satisfy each of these partners.

We expect that all Professional Piping team members will adhere to the following powerful beliefs:

  • Honesty, ethics, moral values and integrity are the cornerstones of our business
  • Follow the Golden Rule: “Treat others as you wish to be treated”
  • "Do the Right Thing" at whatever the cost

    We take pride in providing quality customized installations to our customers at a reasonable value. We are committed to providing competent services to our customers. Our communications are based on trust, integrity and reliable information.

    We provide our Team Members with a motivating and safe work environment; we are inspired by their dedication and loyalty.

    Our leadership is visionary and focused on priority goals and objectives while being responsive to the changing environment. We manage our human, material and financial resources efficiently and effectively.